AquaSplash Swimming Pool Chemical Starter Kit


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AquaSplash Swimming Pool Chemical Starter Kit

Pool Starter Kit Contains:

Algaecide, which prevents the build-up of algae.

pH Increaser and pH Reducer, which can decrease or increase pH levels.

Stabilised Chlorine Granules which disinfect pool water, eliminate bacteria and kill harmful organisms.

The starter kit also includes a bottle of 50x 3-way Aquasplash test strips.

Aquasplash pool starter kit is the best way to maintain clear water in your swimming pool.
The kit includes:

50x 3-way Aquasplash test strips

5Kg Aquasplash Chlorine Granules

7Kg Aquaslapsh pH Reducer (ph minus -)

5Kg Aquasplash pH Increaser (ph plus +)

5L AquaSplash Algaecide

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