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Pool Starter Kit


Pool Starter Kit



AquaSplash Above Ground Swimming Pool Kit Contains:

500grams aquasplash ph increaser ph plus pool and spa chemicals

500g AquaSplash pH Increaser

500grams aquasplash ph reducer ph minus pool and spa chemicals

500g AquaSplash pH Reducer

500grams aquasplash stabilised chlorine granules pool and spa chemicals

500g AquaSplash Stabilised Chlorine Granules

500ml aquasplash algaecide pool chemicals

500ml AquaSplash Algaecide


50 AquaSplash 3-way Test Strips

Guide to AquaSplash Above Ground Pools

above ground pool starter kit

Step 1

Most above ground pools come complete with a filter. There are various sizes and dimensions. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for their use.  You need to have a pH reading of 7.2 and 7.8with an ideal reading of 7.4pm.  Make sure that the filter is running correctly before adding any chemicals.

Step 2

When you are sure it is running alright add a shock dose of Chlorine Granules of 18gms per cubic metre of water.  Leave to circulate for 24hrs.  Test water to see if more chemicals need to be added.

Step 3

Check for any leaks with the pipe connections or the drain plug. Make sure that you run the filtration system for part of each day even if the pool has not been used.  Increase the amount of time the filter runs during warm weather and also heavy usage.

Step 4

Test for chlorine content daily but especially after heavy usage and dose accordingly. Make sure that the pH is correct as incorrect pH can cause skin and eye irritation and poor quality of disinfection.  Maintain a level of chlorine of between 1 and 3ppm when the chemicals have had time to circulate in the pool it is then safe to use the water.  Make sure children use the toilet before using the pool.

Step 5

Test your water regularly and check to see if it is safe to use before using the pool.  The amount of chlorine will be dependent on weather and usage.  The easiest way to test your pool water is to use test strips.

Caution: never leave children unattended in the pool and cover when not in use.

Never add more than the recommended amount of chemicals, thinking it will solve the problem quicker; you will be just creating more problems.


Water quality is affected by the effect of pH, which is affected by the alkalinity. pH levels that are too high or too low can cause cloudy water and make scaly deposits. Water balancing chemicals have a crucial part to play as they prevent damage to your pool and poor sanitation.

Balancing water in your pool means to bring the water balance to the correct level for safe bathing.


Chemicals should always be diluted in a bucket of water stir until dissolved then add to swimming pool.


Never add to pool without diluting as it will cause damage to the liner including colour loss and making it brittle. It will also have damaging effects on other types of pool finishes. 

When chemicals are fully dissolved disperse evenly around the pool. 

When adding pH plus to your pool, ensure that you wear appropriate protection for your eyes and wear gloves.


above ground pool starter kit
above ground pool starter kit
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If you have any questions about stabilised chlorine granules, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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