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AquaSplash Pool Starter Kit


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AquaSplash Pool Starter Kit  Contains  Algaecide (copper-based), which prevents the build-up of algae. Contains pH Increaser and pH Reducer, which can decrease or increase pH levels. Stabilised Chlorine Granules disinfect pool water, eliminate bacteria and kill harmful organisms. The starter kit also includes a bottle of  50 test trips to test the water for the correct levels of the products.


This kit is ideal for the 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 16ft  INTEX & BESTWAY Above ground pools


The kit includes:

50 3-WAY AquaSplash test strips

500ml Algaecide (copper-based)

500g pH Increaser

750g pH Reducer

500g Stabilised Chlorine Granules

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Weight 3 kg



500g, 500ml, 750g


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