Frequently Asked Questions

This is a product that maintains cloudy pools, this is a coagulant making small particles join together and sink to the bottom of your pool, then allowing you to hoover them up any other particles left will then be filtered away.
This is a good product in maintaining your pool, if your pool is clouding the clarifier acts as a coagulant meaning the reason your pool is cloudy is because the tiny particles in the water are too small to be filtered away. Clarifier brings the particles together to a bigger form allowing the filtration system to filter them away so the pool becomes clear.
Shock is a chemical which you would use in your pool if it was used heavily each week or has been subjected to long spells of rain or sunshine. The chlorine in your can become inactive as it neutralizes harmful bacteria. The shock will bring your chlorine level back up short term, allowing any combined chlorine to be burnt away.
Is good for pool sanitation, the Chlorine breaks down into different chemical compounds destroying bacteria and enzymes, these then oxidise and any particles left will be filtered away. Chlorine concentration should be between one and three parts per million and pH between 7.2 and 7.8 as this is the range where chlorine is most effective.
Algaecide works in conjunction with Chlorine to keep your pool free from algae. Ammonia-based algaecide is very effective on green algae and metallic-based on black algae, the right amount of algaecide should not affect your pH balance too much.