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List of swimming pool and spa terminology.


Chlorine residual are usually descirbed in parts per million(ppm). Between 1 and 3ppm is ideal.

This is the term used to indicate wheter the water scale is forming or acidic. It uses a scale of 0 – 14 where is neutral 7.4 is ideal for pools. 

Refers to raising the chlorine levels usually to 10ppm to fight algae or other water problems.

To test pool water you will need 3 in 1 test strips to check for chlorine levels, pH and alkalinity. Please ensure that you test pool water regularly. 

The measure of alkaline salts relevant to water balancing.

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Common pool problems and solutions

common problems and solutions with swimming pools.

Swimming pool problem solving


Poor or inadequate filtration.


Clean the filter with cartridge cleaner Use pool clarifier to make the water clear. Increase the filter run time.


The reason why you should shock dose your spa or pool is because of algae. It important for you to pre-dissolve shock granules before adding to your spa or pool water. That way you can avoid cloudy water. Another cause of cloudy water might be large amount of algae in the spa water.


The clody water will eventually go away just keep the pump filter on 


Often an algae bloom or indication of iron. 


Shock dose with chlorine and add algaecide. Increase filtration time for a week.


pH too high or too low


Test pH level and adjust accordingly.


Lack of chlorine.


Brush walls and floor. Increase the chlorine level. Consider shock dosing

If you have got algae problem and wanting to get rid of it. First you need to establish where it is entering your pool. There is multiple possibilies like you pool is placed underneath a tree, with rain, wind or just by using it.

Find out more: pool algaecide

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