pool algaecide

Swimming Pool Algaecides

When algae are present in the water.

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Algaecide chemical is good for treating pools that have gone green over the winter.

This product kills the algae and small organism’s that thrive in damp conditions. Algaecides work in conjunction with chlorine, causing the algae cells to burst, thus killing the plant. Ammonia-based algaecides are very affective on green algae and metallic-based on black algae; the right amount of algaecide should not affect your pH balance too much.

Algaecide Chemical Treatment
There are two types of Algaecide one being a Longlife Algaecide, and the other one is a standard algaecide. The standard algaecide is ideal for above ground pools and is also suitable for Inground pools. The longlife algaecide, however, is more suited to inground pools rather than above ground pools. To use algaecide, the water must be of good quality for it to work properly. Algaecides will not clear murky water or water with poor test results. Algaecide is intended for use to keep the pool sparkling clean.


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