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Relax Total Alkalinity Plus 5Kg

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Relax Total Alkalinity Plus is use to increase Total Alkalinity

TA(total alkalinity) should be betweem 80 to 120 mg/l(ppm)

Ideal water conditions exist with a Total Alkalinity between 80-140mg/l(Parts Per Million).

Relax Total Alkalinity Plus
5Kg Tub


Use a test kit to establish the Total Alkalinity(TA) level of your pool water.
To raise TA by 10mg/l(ppm) add this treatment at the rate of 750 gram per 45 cubic metres(10,000 gallons) of pool water
Thoroughly pre-dissolve 100g product in a 10 litre plastic bucket of pool water, before adding directly above the pool return.
Repeat until desired amount has been added
Re-test pool water and adjust accordingly
Pool water may cloud over temporarily when adding the product.

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