Aquasplash 4 X 5kg Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets 200g

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Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets

Contains a clarifier and algaecide and they are designed to slowly erode over a period of 3-5 days. As they release chlorine relatively slowly it may be necessary to shock dose or oxidise prior to their first establish some chlorine more rapidly. Ideal chlorine levels are between 1-3 mg/l (ppm) as tested by a test kit.

Another benefit is that they contain a water clarifier. Some debris and particles that find their way into water, such as dead skin and algae, are too small to be trapped by the hot tubs filter system. Clarifier contains flocculants, which bind particles together so that a filter can trap them, resulting in clean and sparkly water that’s an absolute joy to relax in.

Directions for use:

Place tablet in skimmer suitable dosing plant or dispenser, and never directly into pool as severe bleaching staining may occur.


1 tablet per 50m³ (10,000 gallons) per week

pH Control:

To obtain maximum benefit from the chlorine granules, the pH of the pool & spa water should be maintained around 7.4 and between 7.2 & 7.8 at all times. Above 7.8 the efficiency of the chlorine will be reduced

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