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AquaSplash 25kg Chlorine Granules

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25Kg Stabilised Chlorine Granules

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Stabilised Chlorine Granules are for the disinfection of swimming pool & spa water. The granules are completely soluble and have little effect on the pH, containing a stabiliser to protect against loss of chlorine to sunlight.


Directions for use:

To maintain the chlorine level at a rate

of 2 to 3mg/litre (ppm) add 84g per

10,000 gallons per day. This daily rate is offered as a general guide for private pools.

Heavily used pools and those maintained

at higher temperatures may require

increased dosage. Test for actual requirements by using a poolside test kit, adjusting the dose rate as necessary.


Pre-dissolve the granules into 10 litres of water, using a clean plastic container

and mix carefully. Slowly pour the solution into the pool water near to the return

inlets and rinse container out thoroughly.

pH Control:

To obtain maximum benefit from the chlorine granules, the pH of the pool & spa water should be maintained around 7.4 and between 7.2 & 7.8 at all times. Above 7.8 the efficiency of the chlorine will be reduced

Our Smaller Size Stabilised Chlorine Granules.

5Kg Aquasplash Chlorine Granules

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1 review for AquaSplash 25kg Chlorine Granules

  1. matt (verified owner)

    these chlorine granules really work great value for money.

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