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Low or no chlorine level showing

Low or no chlorine level showing

Pool owner question

According to the check strip I had low or no chlorine. I have put 6 bromine tablets in and will check again tomorrow. The alkalinity is high but I do not know how to bring that down. What chemical do I use?

The chemicals I have is bromine tablets, hardness plus, ph minus, anit-foam, ph plus and bicarbonate soda. I noticed some mould on the cover and some calcium deposit on the surface of the pool. I’m hoping that you are able to give me some help and direction to go in. Thanks Kate

Our answer

Hi Kate, 

If you are opening up the pool for the first time, a good shock dose to start with using granular shock will get a right level of chlorine. Showing it also kick starts the pool. If you have put bromine in a feeder, the trouble is these tablets take a while to dissolve and given the large volume of water you have the bromine level will take some time to show. To reduce the alkalinity in the pool you need to use ph reducer, and I suspect if you have calcium deposits on the pool (although this is not uncommon), the pH of the water is probably also high. The pH reducer will lower this as well. I hope this helps.

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